SayKing is a creative storyteller who succeeds in captivating audiences by sharing the human experience with every song. Songs written by SayKing are melody-driven and relate to a wide range of listeners. Their music is contemporary and includes vocals from a number of talented artists who brilliantly express the sentiment behind every thoughtfully placed lyric. SayKing creates music well suited for radio, television and cinema. Influences include Queen, Ryan Tedder, John Lennon, Sia, Phil Collins, Adele, Bryan Adams and Lady Gaga.

The beautiful arrangements, pleasant melodies and conversational writing style makes their songs memorable and easy for any listener to personalize.


Thank You For Loving Me :: Music & Lyrics by SayKing

      Thank You for Loving Me



The Red & White :: Music & Lyrics by SayKing

      Red & White


The Red & White :: Instrumental

      The Red and White Instrumental Sample

What Will It Take :: Music & Lyrics by SayKing

      What Will it Take



At Christmas :: Music & Lyrics by SayKing

      At Christmas




At Christmas :: Iris 2016 Xmas-Factor Rehearsal

For the fourth consecutive year, Iris Theatre hunted down the best new Xmas songs from the hottest new writers to ring in the festive season. SayKing was proud to have At Christmas selected as a contending finalist. Recorded and shared online from London, England, here are Ruby Campbell, Emily Jane Kerr and Tiffany Parker singing At Christmas by SayKing.